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The Carbon Footprint of our Trip to France

During the half-term break we took a long overdue trip to France to visit my Dad. But with all the attention on climate change and COP26 dominating the news, I wondered just how much our mini-holiday would actually cost the planet. I have broken down the research into the following sections: Air travelCar travelCovid implicationsHow… Continue reading The Carbon Footprint of our Trip to France

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Is OLD the new NEW?

I LOVE new things. Not necessarily in a materialistic fashion, but the gleaming, room transforming change of new. I love new things; things that are new to ME. A piece of furniture is very often a small permanent fixture; sometimes it has always been there through countless generations. But then suddenly sentimentality looses out to… Continue reading Is OLD the new NEW?

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Cottagecore – A Quintessential English Country Garden

At Upcycle Arcade HQ, since becoming a full-time furniture upcycler - I say full-time very loosely - I have been able to spend much more time indulging in one of my increasingly important hobbies: gardening. I say this as I find complete tranquility and calm in tinkering about in my area of paradise. Gardening for… Continue reading Cottagecore – A Quintessential English Country Garden

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To falsely give the impression that a company’s products and services provide greater environmental or ‘green’ benefits than is actually the case. Mistrust, distrust and inherent suspicions can wreak havoc on well laid plans be they for production or marketing purposes. But are these feelings justified? After a long career in financial services, I have… Continue reading Greenwashing

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Earth Day and The Almanac 2021

The Almanac: A seasonal guide to the year; a celebration of the unfolding 12 months. Moon phases, sunrises and sunsets, time and tides plus the night sky, astronomical and meteorological. It shares gardening tips (gardening by moonlight anyone?) ancient recipes as well as folklore and nature. I am an Almanac newbie, mine being a Christmas… Continue reading Earth Day and The Almanac 2021

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A potted history of popular furniture brands to upcycle

Furniture is more than functional and practical; it is a product of design, a work of art. During my own upcycle journey, certain brands - some well known, others less so - have graced my workshop. Here I have looked into each brand a little more deeply plus plagiarised a touch from other sites and… Continue reading A potted history of popular furniture brands to upcycle