At Upcycle Arcade, we Upcycle, Recycle, Craft and Create to promote longevity, and sustainability as Old is definitely the new New.

Rather than send old unwanted furniture to landfill, with imagination, skill and a little paint, it can be turned into new pieces of unique and desirable furniture. From grand dressers to humble bedside cabinets, every home has a place for upcycled furniture which can be just a little different from the norm.

I work solely from my workshop at home, thankfully with the support of my lovely family. I hand source furniture and bring it back to fix, strip, sand and prep before transforming it using painting and polishing techniques gleaned from years of research and from my own hiccups! Every piece is individually pushed outside its comfort zone but remains attainable and suitable for today’s homes.

The end result is high quality exclusive furniture that retains much of its original character. Each piece of upcycled furniture is unique in its style whether designed for practical storage, for glorious display or for home office purposes. It is charming, vibrant, bold, or comfortable allowing the homeowner to fall in love with their new furniture.

I’m Kirsty, founder of Upcycle Arcade. An idea, a hobby, and a longstanding desire to create something from nothing became Upcycle Arcade. Some years ago, I wanted some new furniture for our lounge extension, but I wanted ‘old new’. I found some lovely pieces which needed an abundance of TLC and my love of being a creative furniture upcycler was born. A little while later, I sold my first upcycled bureau online within 24 hours of posting. I knew then that I was onto something.

Upcycling furniture is mentally gratifying, sufficiently fruitful, and highly addictive: all my spare time is spent on Upcycle Arcade in some way. I feel unbridled joy when I finish a piece knowing that one less item of furniture, often our heritage, will live another long life although perhaps in new clothes.

Take the forgotten multi-papered and painted corner cabinet, made by a great-grandfather and left languishing in the corner of many a descendant’s garage. It had its exquisite marquetry revitalized on the outside and the interior is now a welcome store for drinks and glassware.

Customer Testimonial: Wow! Thank you for the amazing job on a corner unit used for medicines, originally made by my great-grandfather – now it’s a gin cupboard 😁

It is as exciting as it is rewarding to help people to realise the beauty of an heirloom or an old but loved piece of furniture. We then work together to transform it into a statement piece of furniture which blends with their home’s décor.

Upcycling certainly does preserve our wonderful heritage as well as our wonderful world.

More recently, I needed designated office space to work from home beyond my workshop (repurposed garage!). My furniture was of excellent quality and very functional but really it was just a jumble of tired pieces in a small room. The sideboard, printer table, ironing ottoman and bureau have all been upcycled in a selection of my favourite shades of sage green. My study is now inviting, restful and conducive to work!

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