Upcycled Furniture isn’t all Bling and Pizzazz

Upcycled furniture is on a popularity roll. If you’re after an unusual statement piece with added ‘wow’ worthy of discussion, then upcycled will tick every box. However, a classic and conservative professionally upcycled item can bring understated refined elegance to your home.

Most homes are not graced with bold, colourful artisan pieces of furniture and many homeowners would not want there to be. Upcycled furniture is not just bold and gold; it is also gentle, plain, conservative, simple, matching and blending.

Think sideboard or living room storage. The options are endless.

Purchasing new furniture can be very costly and quite often the quality does not live up to the price tag. Furthermore, there is a shortage of timber in part due to a boom in housebuilding and a breakdown in the supply chains. A huge benefit of upcycling is the durability and longevity of the furniture unlike much of the new furniture available. Additionally, with upcycling, you will likely end up with a totally unique piece that you will not find anywhere else. You’re probably going to be the only one you know who has one just like it, unique to you and your home.

Upcycling is environmentally friendly. When you upcycle a piece of older furniture, you’re not contributing to any environment-harming business practices in the creation of new furniture, its transportation over many miles or adding to the timber shortage. You are also depriving landfill of that old piece of furniture – some 22 million pieces of furniture are thrown away in the UK each year (www.ianmankin.co.uk).

Commission one of your existing pieces of old furniture to be upcycled to match your own home’s aesthetics and décor. Not only is it likely to be cheaper than replacing with a new item, you will be supporting sustainable living with next to no carbon footprint.

Get in touch with a professional furniture upcycler such as myself or search Etsy and Conscious Cubby where you will find a wealth of choice of quality pieces for every taste and design.

Before and After pictures show but a glimpse of the endless possibilities available with upcycling. You may start looking at your own furniture in a different light!

The navy and taupe Ercol dining chairs were upcycled for 15 The Firs.

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