Shop and Gallery

At Upcycle Arcade, we Upcycle & Recycle unwanted items which may have been destined for the skip or landfill and Craft & Create them into new pieces of unique furniture using lashings of paint, a soupçon of skill and a skip load of imagination. This supports small, local sustainable living. We also offer a Commissions Service so you can keep your precious items and give them a personal make-over.

Our aim is to provide beautifully bespoke, possibly purposeful and definitely desirable pieces of furniture which are just a little different from the norm. Standing out whilst fitting in for years thus promoting longevity and sustainability as old is definitely the new new.

Click on the links for more pictures and details.

The following pieces of furniture have already gone to new homes. Click for more details.

Midnight Blue Commissioned Bureaus

2 thoughts on “Shop and Gallery”

  1. Hi there

    Are you able to upcycle an oak kitchen table and chairs at all, as a commission?

    We are in Linslade.

    Thank you



    1. Hi Karen, yes I do take commission pieces, happily! Best thing to start with is to send me a picture of the set so I can work out when I could fit it in diary wise. I don’t have unlimited storage so need to schedule carefully. What sort of finish / colour were you after? And finally, thanks for asking!!!


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