Upcycling Zoomers: The Next Generation

There has never been a better time to introduce Gen Z to the upcycling life choice. They have the power to champion a sustainable lifestyle amongst their peers and elders (assuming us Generation X are elders??). But how to get them engaged?

Zoomers, as they are known, born mid-1990s to 2012, are digital natives. They are the first generation born into the internet and portable technology and are the first to have climate change woven into their learning, be this at home or at school. But very few Zoomers even think to pick up a paint brush to give their bedroom a fresh, inexpensive and eco-friendly overhaul. I know of only one: 13 year old @jackedjunk who is off the radar, he’s that good – check him out. Upcycling is not about avoiding new, it’s all about having new – new to you.

The pandemic saw most of us at home for long periods and many people did turn their hand to upcycling. But not the youngsters because:

  • upcycling probably wasn’t readily available to them
  • they may not have known about upcycling
  • they certainly didn’t know how to upcycle and most importantly
  • they didn’t realise that they could upcycle

And Upcycle Arcade had to do something about that.

The Young Upcyclers are hosting workshops for Zoomers, and their responsible adult, where they will learn how to upcycle. Simple, basic principles interwoven with how upcycling comfortably fits in with a sustainable lifestyle.

Upcycling is not a sacrifice, it’s a [life]style choice.

Inspiration for the workshops came from attending two baking days at Waddesdon Manor with each of my daughters. The Manor chefs took the workshops and we left with boxes full of baked treats. It was one child with one adult to always supervise them and was a fabulous bonding experience for both me and my daughters. The day offered lovely refreshments and lunch which added a sense of luxury to the day. These workshops gave my girls confidence to try, have a go at and not be fearful of a cheese scone or rosemary bread rolls baked in ramekins.

I want the Zoomers and their adults who attend my workshops to experience the same sense of achievement, to have the same special one-on-one quality time with each other, and to leave with something rather wonderful and tangible, namely their very own piece of upcycled furniture.

Young people and their adults will be armed with the skills to confidently choose upcycling in the future. Upcycling will enter into their vocab and psyche as a viable, sustainable and gloriously artistic alternative to buying brand new furniture and accessories.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a place on a workshop, buy a gift for a Zoomer and their adult for Mother’s Day (27th March), Father’s Day (19th June), Grandparent’s Day (2nd October) any birthday or just for fun.

Next it will be the turn of the Generation Alphas. I am aging as I type.

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