Upcycling and Sustainability Christmas Quiz

Fancy a topical quiz before Christmas? This is for fun with no winners and no prizes, just a little lighthearted break in your busy day. Answers are at the bottom – no cheating!

1. How many pieces of furniture end up in landfill in the UK each year (to the nearest million)?

2. Place these upcycle products in order from oldest to youngest: Annie Sloan, Fusion Mineral, Cornish Milk, Dixie Belle , Frenchic, Autentico, OSMO, Farrow and Ball, Rust-Oleum.

3. Who were the chief designing duo for Stag from early 1950s?

4. There is an overshoot day which is the date where we have taken a year’s worth of resources from the Earth. In 1987 it was 23rd October. By 2019 what date was it? (to nearest week).

5. Match the word with the definition.

6. Who created Ercol furniture and when?

7. How many trees need to be planted to offset 1 tonne of CO2?

8. What era is considered to be mid-century?

9. What does “G-Plan” stand for and what does it mean?

10. Place these selling media platforms in order from oldest to youngest: Pinterest, Instagram, World Wide Web, Facebook, Etsy, Vinterior.


Thanks to Emma of @meltingpotcreations for inspiration to do this quiz.

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