Furniture Upcycling Online Course for Young Upcyclers


Furniture Upcycling Online Workshops from Upcycle Arcade for Young Upcyclers age 10 to 18 This course will unleash your Young Upcycler’s inner creative spirit by giving them the skills and confidence to take unwanted furniture and transform it into beautiful statement pieces they will love.


If your young person’s bedroom is in need of a makeover, why not get them to do it themselves and without breaking the bank? You could do it together.

By doing this fun course with your Young Upcycler, you will be spending valuable time helping them gain confidence in expressing their ideas themselves through their creative work. And away from their screens. By the end of the course, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence whilst you would have spent time with them in a fun and healthy way.

By the end of this course your Young Upcycler will:

  • Know where to find a great piece of furniture to upcycle.
  • Know when and how to prepare the furniture.
  • Get to know Annie Sloan Chalk Paints™
  • Master essential painting skills to bring their creative designs to life.
  • Protect their furniture to ensure its durability and long life.
  • Learn how to preserve wonderful pieces of furniture. By giving them new life, they will prevent them from ending up in landfill. Reuse, repurpose, recycle; living a little more sustainably and helping our planet.

Follow each step and your Young Upcycler will build on their creativity and style whilst learning the techniques and skills to bring it all together. They will end up with one marvelous, sustainable piece of upcycled furniture.

Once purchased, a coupon code will be sent to you which you can redeem when you enroll on the online course here: Enroll for Young Upcyclers Online Course

Easy peasy.


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