Conscious Cubby: The new UK online shop just for furniture upcyclers

Sustainable beautiful painted furniture for the conscious shopper – a UK based furniture shop with a conscience.

US based Etsy has been a long-term go to for those wishing to furnish their homes with bespoke quality upcycled pieces of furniture. Its reach is wide and I have sold over 60 items to date on this platform. They also sell handmade creations, crafting supplies i.e. a wide spectrum of goods.

But now there is also Conscious Cubby.

Upcycle Arcade has a shop with Conscious Cubby as many of their ideals resonate with me. Primarily, it’s British. That counts for a lot. Secondly, it only sells upcycled furniture and upcycled home accessories which is exactly what I sell. They focus on the booming popularity of painted furniture not just because of the aesthetics but also for the need to live more sustainable lives. Plus it supports the small business extremely well (from a seller’s viewpoint).

Conscious Cubby consistently promotes the Recycle, Reuse, Upcycle ethos. After all, upcycling by it’s very nature is eco-friendly.

Conscious Cubby champions quality. Each item on sale is a statement piece with added wow factor but it does not forget gentle conservative styles and colour schemes which are still very much in demand. Greys and beiges remain longed for neutrals. Many of my bureaus are neutral on the outside yet pack an impressive punch on the inside. But what if you want to push the boat out in a dramatic fashion? Conscious Cubby must be your first port of call. You will be increasingly aware of the dramatic effects of climate change which have hit the headlines just the last couple of weeks; out-of-control fires, floods, storms, record temperatures and rainfall. It’s all there, right here right now.

Vintage, antique, unloved and old furniture. Call it what you will. Each piece has many more years left. Kept out of landfill, preventing trees from being felled to supply furniture makers – currently there is a timber shortage – minimal carbon footprint plus gracing homes with luxurious diverse styles for a fraction of the high-end designer market cost. They also offer a custom painted furniture service. What’s not to love?

Painted upcycled furniture has seen a monumentous rise in popularity of late as people look to lead more sustainable lives, support small businesses and stray from the mass-produced aesthetic. Conscious Cubby embraces all this and more. Delivery throughout mainland UK is included in the price, tapping into the shift to online shopping habits.

Take a look. It is new, established in Spring 2021, and is growing.

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