Vintage Morco Painted Sewing Box with Contents £95

This vintage sewing table has been shrouded in roses both in paint and fabric. Brought up to date in the palest pink with climbing rose on the table top and miniature roses on the fabric inside.

If you are after an unusual, personal and bespoke gift (the contents of the sewing box are included) then this has to be it. This box could easily be a crafting / knitting / crocheting box – this is not confined to being just a sewing box.

The table measures 45cm wide outside and 36cm inside; 45cm high outside and 16cm high inside. To reiterate…the contents in the box ARE included yet everything outside the table is not. I have shown the before picture too for interest.

Practical and stylish, unique and bespoke, standing out whilst fitting in.

Sewing Box Rose Pink

Delivery is not included.