A Great-Grandfather’s bureau has been in the same family since new in the 1960. Made by Turnidge of London, it is a quality brand and this bureau is a typical style from the era.

It has now been brought into the 21st Century with a smooth jet black paint from Fusion Mineral. The stencilled exterior and matching interior make this piece utterly bespoke.

The outer drawer fronts and cupboard door have been stripped back to the original oak, stencilled in the same coal black in a pattern reminiscent of the sixties era, with an oil/wax finish. The design carries on through the bureau interior and the original handles have been revived.

This all renders this bureau unique – you will not find another. Perfect for working from home or occasional admin.

It is practical, stylish and definitely a statement piece of furniture.

In true Upcycle Arcade style, piece of beautiful and practical yet unwanted furniture, now exudes fresh and new; standing out whilst fitting in. The key no longer works but acts as a handle for the flap. The bureau measures 77cm wide, 98cm high and 37cm deep or 66cm flap open.

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