Steampunk: a mixture of the Victorian’s romantic view of science in literature and elements from the Industrial Revolution. This solid chest of drawers has been lifted from the jaws of landfill and transported by airship to a different space and time.

Decoupage posters and moulded wood detailing have been blended to add a whole new third dimension to this once plain, flat piece of furniture. Compass designs on the drawer sides help with navigation making these drawers one of a kind.

In true Upcycle Arcade style, this unwanted chest of drawers now combine traditional build with a modern finish; standing out whilst fitting in. Not only are they an extremely functional piece of furniture, they are utterly bespoke – you will not find another. They show signs of their past adventures but are now ready for a journey to a new home. They measure 91cm wide, 90cm high, 53cm deep.

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