Zero Waste Week – September 2019

Visit Upcycle Arcade in Aylesbury Market Square on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019

What is Zero Waste Week? Consider this: what happens when you throw something away? ‘Away’ isn’t some magical place; it’s landfill, an incinerator, the bottom of the ocean, litter or the stomach of an animal. It’s always somewhere else…

Zero Waste Week is an award-winning campaign, raising awareness about the environmental impact of waste and reduce the amount you send to landfill.

Bucks County Council (BCC) have invited Upcycle Arcade to hold a stall in Aylesbury’s Market Square to promote the benefits of avoiding sending items, such as furniture, to landfill or for kerbside collection.

BCC “try to encourage residents to reduce their waste wherever possible, because at the end of the line for householders is the Council, either collections from the kerbside, or at the tip. So we have to dispose of it all eventually and if we can encourage residents to re-use it, upcycle it, or avoid buying it in the first place, then we may have helped reduce the financial and environmental cost”.

The Council recognised that Upcycle Arcade offers commissions which could:

  • Save an old item from the bin/tip/landfill = Reuse
  • Which will avoid the need to buy a new one = Reduce

Reduce waste and learn to reuse, recycle and repurpose.

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