This is a saying I gleaned from my Mum usually about finishing what’s on your plate (or hoovering up what’s been left on someone else’s): waste nothing, want for nothing. But in essence, this is a sentiment that is used throughout Upcycle Arcade.

I’m not a hoarder. I can throw stuff away. Give it to someone, or sell on eBay. I buy stuff in town, new skirts and tops. January sales, charity shops.

Disposable fashion is a frowned upon rage but I wish it was around when I was my girl’s age. But progress takes its toll with ferocity. A slap in the face for the earth’s generosity.

A part of me yearns for the bygone era, when everything was a little bit dearer. Possessions were cherished and revered with pride, not thrown away or cast aside.

We are where we are. That’s as maybe. What good to the world can be done by little me?

Upcycle Recycle Craft and Create; turn rubbish into something great. By depriving the rubbish dump and landfill pit, I now know that I am doing my bit.

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